Monday, March 22, 2010

Extreme Bikini Photo-Shoot.. < in pictures

Extreme Bikini Photo-Shoot

Bikinis Bikinis everywhere, and when you take it to the extreme, well, you know what that mean ;) .. courtesy ~ <

Extreme Bikini Photo-Shoot

(PICTURE LINK) Extreme Bikini Photo-Shoot


Friday, March 19, 2010

Tax-n-Go Bikini Stand Closes Window

50yr old white male accountant bikini apparel

SEATTLE– The local Tax-n-Go stand, where Certified Public Accountants (CPA) sport bikinis while doing income taxes, is closing its window for good. Customers rolling up to the Tax-n-Go drive through window in hopes of getting a quick income tax preparation from CPAs in bikinis are out of luck. Taxes are due April 15 as usual. 

“We had a good idea,” said Elmer Johnson, Tax-n-Go owner. “but the economy just had our number.” Elmer Johnson, 50, CPA who started the bikini stand last year. 

With electronic filing and big tax preparation agencies cutting his customer base, this accountant decided to add a bit of spice to filing taxes. 

“I was a regular customer of the bikini coffee stands,” said Johnson. “They are so popular, I thought, why not serve up taxes with bikinis instead of a suit and necktie?” 

Johnson bought a pink barista stand and added an office off Highway 99. The idea was simple, drive up with your receipts and watch a certified public accountant do your taxes in the near buff. 

“I hired young hotties at first, but the customers only wanted coffee and there were too many errors on the tax forms,” said Johnson. “I had to take over, red speedo for me and a spray on tan.” 

Despite the lure of flesh and taxes, business never picked up. 

“I only had one customer in the last five months and he or she was creepy,” said Johnson. “It just stared at me, but I got them a good government refund.” 

Johnson’s decided to change careers and pursue the online business world now that the bikini stand idea flopped. 

“I’m gonna convert the stand to a Pink Box, like Red Box DVD but 1$ drive thru movie rental stand with a bikini attendant.”


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Contest #52: Best by/at the Pool

It’s voting time!! The category is “Best by/at the Pool” and these are the girls who submitted their photos… See which one is your favorite and cast your vote at the poll box thingy at the end of this post.

The voting poll box is multiple choice… so, you can choose for more than just one girl!
And we received too many entries for this contest, so I had to divide the contestants in different posts… but there will still be only one winner!
Don’t forget to check the other posts related to this contest, okay?

Oh, and once a contest starts its voting, there’s no way we can accept any late entries… Sorry about that, but that’s the way it is!

The contest ends in one week! Good luck to all the contestants!!

01. ALLISON - 23

02. SHCONNDA - 26

03. COURTNEY - 19

04. BECCA - 21

05. ALLIE - 19

06. LINDSEY - 19

07. KAYLA - 21

08. GEE - 19

09. LIZ - 19

10. MELISSA - 21

11. ELLIE - 19

12. TANEISHA - 18

13. SANDRA - 23

14. TINA - 19

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Monday, March 15, 2010


Eva Longoria revealed her secret weapon in her fight against the flab: the SEXY actress wears a figure controlling PANTY to keep herself looking slim! Millions of lusty male admirers, hoping to see a flash of THONG or PRETTY PANTY, will be disappointed that the BRUNETTE BABE is letting herself go in this way.

Only a short while ago the SEXY superstar was snapped on the beach in a steamy BIKINI and appeared to be the very embodiment of perfection!

Come on Eva, go on a diet or do some exercise! Your army of admirers want to see you at your trouser arousing best!

Eva shows off her neat rear end.

Eva knows how to keep the guys happy.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Come from the land of Ice & Snow

I could not have been more stoked to get to draw this illustration for my buddy ├ůsa’s band… What’s not to love here? Barely dressed over-the-top viking babes in coming ashore to plunder and tear asunder!
Illustrated in pen & ink, painted gray-tones and splatter effects in Adobe Photoshop, logo designed in Adobe Illustrator.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Model Sonia Dara ~ Sports Illustrated Swim Suit < in pictures

Sonia, the daughter of Indian immigrants, was discovered at an AMTC event when she was 16. This is her first appearance in the Sports Illustrated.

Check out model Sonia Dara, the first South Asian model to be featured in Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue… courtesy ~ < she gets my vote.

“When she was hand-picked for Sports Illustrated’s hallowed Swimsuit Issue, she became the first woman of South Asian descent to ever be featured in America’s number one best-selling glossy.”

Sonia has worked with clients such as Cosmo Girl, Seventeen, Neiman Marcus and Vogue India and is also a sophomore at Harvard College.

(PICTURE LINK) Sonia Dara has become the first South Asian model to be featured in Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Chick crashes car while shaving crotch! WTF?

You think I’m kidding, don’t you? Seriously, folks..this does not surprise me considering what I see on the freeway on my way to work. I’ve seen people reading the newspaper, women applying make-up and a goat in a passenger seat. But I must admit, I’ve never seen anyone shaving….and shaving their crotch, nonetheless.

Apparently, this girl in Key West, Florida was on her way to see her boyfriend and thought it would be a good idea to shave her crotch while driving since she didn’t have time at home. After losing control and causing a two-car crash, she jumped into the back seat and let  her ex-husband who was in the car with her get behind the wheel to keep her from getting popped by the po-po.  

Wait.. that’s not all! She was popped the day before for her 2nd DUI and was driving with a suspended license!

Yes, this will be filed under my WTF file…..